Getting Your House Ready to Sell and Finding Real Estate Agents at a North Ipswich Agency

Have you been thinking about investing in property? If so, you’ve likely done extensive research on the matter. Maybe you’ve even “almost” invested in property, going so far as to talk with a real estate agent, but then changed your mind. You aren’t alone – many people find the process overwhelming and back out before they even start. However, it doesn’t have to be rocket science. Investing in property is relatively straightforward when you follow a few simple steps.

Check Your Finances

You need a clear picture of your assets, including your income, and your expenses. Even simply listing these numbers will reveal how much money you have available to invest. Do this before assuming you can’t afford it; you might be surprised. If you have a stable job and a good employment history, getting a loan shouldn’t be too difficult.

Get Pre-Approval

Apply for pre-approval either directly through a lender or your mortgage broker – but don’t apply for multiple approvals. The lender will check your credit each time, and multiple inquiries can be a red flag to potential lenders.

Set Goals

Think about what you want to accomplish by buying an investment property. Perhaps you want to secure your financial future or earn extra money so that you can be free to spend your time how you like. If you’re going to achieve your goals, you have to know what they are. For example, if you want to replace your income and retire within ten years, create a 10-year plan, then break it down into yearly timelines – even all the way down to weekly. This can keep you from becoming overwhelmed.

Start Budgeting

Budgeting isn’t glamorous, but it’s the only way to make sure you can balance your income and expenses. It also helps you understand what you’re spending your money on and how to plan for bigger future expenses. There are many good budgeting software options available to make this task easier.

Be Well-Informed

Being informed includes knowing the market, being wary of schemes, and making use of the information available to you to make the right investment choices. No one can predict the future, but real estate agents in Flinders View and other sources can help you make informed decisions.

Finding a Real Estate Agency in Flinders View

At First National Brassall, we understand that investing in property can be overwhelming whether you’re buying a rental property or a home for yourself – and whether it’s your first property transaction or your tenth. That’s why our team is made up of only experienced and knowledgeable agents who can contribute to making it easier to make the right decision. If you’re looking for a real estate agent in Flinders View, rest assured that each agent at First National Brassall can provide you with top-notch service. Our agency is committed to giving you a superior real estate experience whether you want to buy, sell, or rent. We love what we do, so give us a call today and let us help you make your dream of owning investment property a reality.

When it’s time to sell your house, you want to attract the best possible price. Renovating is time-consuming and expensive, and you can’t very well move your home to a more popular location – so, what else can you do to prepare your home to sell? Follow these tips for the best results.

Maximise Kerb Appeal

Potential buyers will form their impressions of your house very quickly, and the first part of your house they’ll see is the outside. Therefore, the outside should look clean and inviting. If people don’t like the way your house looks from the street, they might decide not to bother seeing the inside. Make sure your front lawn is well-maintained. Mow and water the grass, and consider adding some colour with flowers or a few potted plants near the door.

Get Help from a Professional

One good option is hiring a stylist to help you get your property into top shape. These professionals may use your existing furniture or rent new pieces to create a fresh look. You can also glean inspiration from websites or magazines that demonstrate de-cluttering, furniture placement, and other decorating concepts.

Lighten Up and Neutralise

Use light-coloured fabrics on your key pieces of furniture, and paint the walls a neutral shade. These colours brighten up your home and create a sense of openness. Neutral colours also make it easier for potential buyers to visualise their own belongings and style in your home. You may love bold colours and attention-grabbing designs, but these could turn off potential buyers with different style personalities.

Know Your Target Market

Many of today’s buyers belong to the younger generation. Keep this in mind when you select furniture and artwork. If you can, ask a younger relative or friend to do a walk-through and give you their opinion. On the other hand, if your property is likely to attract older buyers, stick with classic, neutral, more “grown-up” d├ęcor.

Remove Evidence of Pets

We love animals, but sometimes we can become immune to their smells and sights. Ask a friend to come over and be honest with you about what traces of pets they notice – do they smell the litter box, see dog hair on the furniture, or notice a mess around the dog food bowls? These things can be immediate deterrents for potential buyers.

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At First National Brassall, we have real estate agents in North Ipswich who are passionate and knowledgeable about the Ipswich area and the people who make their homes here. Our agents have been handpicked for their talent and experience, and we believe that they can offer you the best customer service around. We make it our priority to exceed your expectations and help you reach your goals regarding selling, buying, or renting your property. We also service all Ipswich suburbs including speciality areas such as North Ipswich, Walloon, Karalee, Woodend, and more. Contact our agency today and speak with one of our friendly team about your real estate needs.