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Moving house can be quite disorienting, especially if you’re relocating miles away from your familiar suburb where your dog knows the route you walk every morning and the local barista knows your usual order. The best way to break through this problem is to dive in headfirst and make a focused effort to get to know your new surroundings. Try the following tips to feel more at home in your new place.

Pound the Pavement

There’s no better way to check out your new neighbourhood than on foot. Explore all the streets and see what you find – don’t be surprised if you happen upon a stunning river walk, charming hole-in-the-wall cafes, or beautiful architecture. Try walking around on a Saturday to experience the true spirit of your suburb. On weekends, you may discover the town hall being used as a book fair, a primary school functioning as a secondhand market, or the local park as a peaceful location for a yoga class. Or stop by a farmers’ market to score some great food and meet new friends.

Find the Essentials

Scope out the nearest police station, hospital, doctor, vet, and 24-hour chemist. You’ll feel much more comfortable and at home if you know where to go if your pet becomes sick or you need flu relief in the middle of the night. You might not choose to use the dentist across the street but knowing it’s there will help you feel like you belong.

Ask Your Neighbours

Don’t be shy – ask your neighbours where they got that cup of coffee or take away food. They’ll most likely be more than happy to tell you about the best Italian deli in the neighbourhood or the tiny shop three streets over with the best coffee in town. Word of mouth recommendations are often the most reliable, so ask for them whenever you get a chance.

Shop Around

Many people figure out which supermarket is closest to their house and then shop there exclusively, but try mixing it up instead to get to know your neighbourhood better. Check out the green grocer for herbs, the local bakery for bread, the butcher down the road for pork sausages, or the Greek store for antipasto. The same goes for restaurants. Try not eating at the same place twice for a while. Make it a goal to try something new once a week.

Ask Your Ipswich Real Estate Agent

It’s the job of your agent to sell the suburb you’re moving to, so ask for as much information as they can give you. Many Ipswich real estate agents live locally or spend a lot of time in the area, so they can tell you where the best lunch place is or where to find a cool park or convenient dry cleaner. First National Real Estate Brassall is an Ipswich real estate agency with more than 40 years’ experience and a talented, handpicked team servicing all Ipswich suburbs. Get in touch with one of our friendly agents today and see how our agency can help you feel right at home in your new suburb.

For a long time, buying a home was considered a measure of financial success. However, the housing crisis made many people realise that buying isn’t always automatically the right answer. If you’re in the process of deciding whether to buy or rent, consider the advantages of each:


One of the strongest arguments in favour of buying is that when you finish paying off the home, it belongs to you. You effectively eliminate housing expenses permanently (or until you move again) once you’ve paid off your loan. Also, if the property appreciates more than you pay in mortgage, interest, taxes and home maintenance over the years, then you’ve earned a return. Finally, tax credits help to offset part of the cost of owning a home.


When you rent a home, you have a regular monthly payment just like home owners, but you are free from the added costs of interest and taxes. You won’t spend money on repairs and maintenance; if something breaks, you simply call the landlord, and it is their responsibility to fix it. Also, although some people are fond of saying that renting is throwing money away, this isn’t the case at all: you are paying for a place to live, a necessary expense.

Personal Considerations

The points above are far from the only factors to consider when making your choice. There is an enormous amount of grey area, and everyone’s situation is different, so there’s no way to say that one or the other is inherently better. Think about the following:

  • How long will you live in the home? In general, the longer you stay in a house you own, the better because you’ll spread your costs out over time.
  • What are housing costs like in your area? In many cases, people rent because they simply can’t afford to buy, but it depends on the market where you live. Sometimes, buying might be more affordable.
  • What about the opportunity cost of your taxes and insurance? Would it be in your best interests to invest this money in the stock market, for example, or in a high-interest savings account?
  • What is the opportunity cost of making your down payment? Just as with tax and insurance money, would your return be better if you invested this lump sum?

These are just a few of the individual factors that should play a role in your decision. There are also caveats to take into account. For instance, it’s one thing to try to avoid opportunity cost – but are you going to invest the money? The point is moot if you don’t earn a return.

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Buying a renting are both the right choice – for different people in different situations. Whether you decide to buy or rent, First National Brassall can help. Our dedicated and knowledgeable team has been handpicked for their talent and experience. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and a superior experience for our clients. It’s essential that your real estate agent in Booval is someone you can trust to help you buy, rent, or sell your home, and we can do just that. Looking for an agent in the area? Whether you think that buying or renting is right for you, our agency is here for you.