Before You List, a Property Valuation of Your Brassall Home is Important

First National Real Estate Brassall is a real estate agency, but we are also more than a real estate agency. We do what we do not only because we are passionate about the real estate market in the Ipswich area, but also because we are passionate about working with people.

Indeed, at First National Brassall, we love helping recently married couples find their first homes. We love helping growing families sell their homes so they can move on to bigger and better things. We love helping real estate investors manage their properties and get more out of their investments.

In short, we love the human side of this job, and our passion shows. Our clients frequently praise our agency as the friendliest and happiest real estate agency in Ipswich. Whether you need property management in Springfield Lakes or a property valuation appraisal in Ripley Valley, our people will do the job with smiles on their faces and plenty of helpful advice.

How We Choose Our Team

At First National Real Estate Brassall, we choose the people on our team based on temperament and passion, but that isn't all. While we want to keep having the friendliest real estate team in the area, we also strive to be the best qualified.

Every member of our team has been hand-picked not just based on their personable attribute, but also based on their experience and speciality. We want to provide the most comprehensive real estate experience in Ipswich, which means picking people of very different talents and focuses for our team. We have team members who specialise in sales, team members who specialise in helping buyers and team members who are skilled in tenant relations. We also have expert appraisers who can give you an exact property valuation for your home in Springfield Lakes or Ripley Valley.

Our Property Management Team in Ripley Valley

One of the factors that make First National Brassall so unique among real estate agencies in Ipswich is our property management branch. All real estate companies in the area will offer buying and selling advice, but not all of them can provide superior property management in Springfield Lakes.

Many property investors who rent out houses or condos to other people don't necessarily have the time to deal with tenant relations. Indeed, many of these investors have full-time jobs already and are busy enough without adding landlord responsibilities into the mix.

That's where First National Brassall comes into the equation. We provide property management services for your rental properties in Ripley Valley or Springfield Lakes. When your tenants have questions, concerns or emergencies, they will call us instead of bothering you. Our personable team comes in handy here, because we can provide the helpful and friendly customer service that will keep your tenants satisfied with your rentals.

Don't lose tenants because you don't have time to answer their calls or serve them as efficiently as a landlord should. Instead, call First National Brassall today and let our team take on the landlord role for you! You can speak with one of our representatives by dialling (07) 3813 6999 today.

Selling your home is a big change, but it's also an opportunity for growth and excitement. When the time comes to put your home on the market, one of the most crucial decisions you'll make concerns what price at which you will list the property. You don't want to overprice your home because that discourages offers. At the same time, you don't want to undervalue your real estate, either; you can expect buyers to submit offers beneath list price. Therefore, it's important to have an accurate property valuation in Brassall so you can set the list price at a level most likely to yield you the purchase price you desire.

At First National Real Estate Brassall, this is just one of the many services we offer to our clients. Receiving a property valuation from one of our Brassall agents will arm you with what you need to know when entering the real estate arena. We have an excellent local knowledge of the Ipswich area and its unique property markets. Not only that, but we have deep roots in the community; we're proud to serve the Ipswich area and to deliver consistent quality results while doing so.

Don't dive into the dark when selling your home. Order a property valuation from the Brassall real estate firm best equipped for the job. Reach us on the telephone by calling on (07) 3288 6999, or visit our contact page for other options. You may also submit information about your property conveniently right here on our website.